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Launched in 1999, the first Bangla language satellite channel in the world and the only Bangla television broadcasting across UK & Europe. It operated as a subscription-only channel until 2005, when it went free to air on SKY 786.

Bangla TV has broadcast many UK communities based events such as the BaishakiMela, Bangladesh Film Awards, and the annual Pitha Festival. It has a long established and loyal following in the 845,000 strong Bangladeshi community in the UK & Europe and particularly in the UK, where more than 65% of them live and work. Bangla TV is the most recognized brand amongst the Bangla television platform.



Spending Power

Technology:                          Above national average
Financial sector:                  Average
Fashion:                                Average to strong
Food:                                     Average to strong
Entertainment:                   Above national average
Travel & Tourism:              Average
Motor:                                   Average to strong
Home buyers:                     Above national average
Mobile:                                 Above national average
Remittance overseas:        Above national average
Gold:                                     Above national average

*This data is based on 2015 ZMTV sample survey conducted to determine 2016 agency rates for Bangla TV spot rates.

Spot Rates:

10 Seconds   £2.50 Off-peak      £3.50 Semi-peak      £4.50 Peak
20 Seconds   £4.50 Off-peak     £5.50 Semi-peak      £6.50 Peak
30 Seconds   £6.50 Off-peak     £7.50 Semi-peak      £8.50 Peak
40 Seconds    £8.50 Off-peak    £9.50 Semi-peak      £10.50 Peak

*This price is based on minimum 30 days’ contract and all payments are subject to VAT and payable in advance.

Bangla TV enables businesses to bring their brands to life. Reach Bangladeshi community through an exciting and innovative channel committed to delivering the best in programming. Be at the heart of the channel’s growth as a major platform for Bangladeshi community all over the world.

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